Arthur Garson, Jr., MD, MPH: a conversation with the editor*

        Arthur Garson was born in New York City on February 14, 1949. He attended private schools in New York City until high school and then he went to Choate School in Wallingford, Connecticut. From there it was Princeton University where he graduated summa cum laude in 1970. His medical school was Duke University from which he graduated in 1974 having been elected to Alpha Omega Alpha. His internship and first-year residency in pediatrics also was at Duke University, and his 3-year fellowship in pediatric cardiology was at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. After finishing his fellowship in 1979, he stayed on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine, rising to the rank of Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medicine in 6 years. At one time, he was director of the electrocardiography laboratory, pacemaker clinic, and electrophysiology laboratory at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. In 1988, he became Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. In 1992, he left for Durham, North Carolina, to be Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Policy and Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center. In 1995, he returned to Houston to be Vice Chairman of Pediatrics for Strategic Planning at Baylor College of Medicine and Vice President of Texas Children's Hospital. In 1996, he became Senior Vice President and Dean for Academic Operations at Baylor College of Medicine. In 1999, Dr. Garson was President of the American College of Cardiology (ACC). In June 2002 he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, to become Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice President of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He has published 8 books, 160 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, 78 chapters in various books, 29 editorials, 5 public service pamphlets, and 30 invited articles in various medical journals. He is recognized as one of the elite pediatric cardiologists in the world. He and his lovely wife, Suzan, are the parents of 2 girls. They both are art lovers and cook with passion. He is also a nice guy and fun to be around.
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