Hemodynamic and metabolic effects of chronic alcoholism in man

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      Hemodynamic and metabolic data of chronic alcoholic patients have been presented. The hemodynamic findings show distinct differences among the cardiomyopathic and cirrhotic patients and patients without liver or clinical heart disease. The balances of the redox potential were positive in all groups except the combined cirrhotic and cardiomyopathic patient. All groups released enzymes, and possible mechanisms for this have been discussed. This occurred even in those patients without clinical evidence of heart or liver disease. The consistently negative myocardial balances of isocitric dehydrogenase and malic dehydrogenase would appear to indicate that intramitochondrial enzymes are affected by chronic alcoholism even in patients without clinical, hemodynamic or other biochemical evidence of heart disease. In patients with clinical alcholic cardiomyopathy, evidence has been presented which indicates hemodynamic as well as myocardial cytoplasmic and intramitochrondrial metabolic alterations. It would appear, therefore, that frequent bouts of acute alcoholism might result in permanent alterations of metabolic pathways or alterations in mitochondrial membrane permeability, the direction and magnitude of which await further detailed investigation.
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